Custom Made - Tube Dancers

Many Designs Use Patented Technology #6186857
If you want to get attention these Tube Dancers™ are the way to do it. 
The high output Air Vortex™ fan rushes air up through the dancing
balloon and gives the dancing balloons motion. Dancing inflatables are available
in many different designs or give us an idea and we will make you a custom design.

Made from Industrial Coated Nylon Material

Give us an idea and we'll make it!!!
Pricing varies depending on complexity
CLICK HERE to send us your idea and we will send you a free computer layout with pricing

Dancersn.jpg (56433 bytes)
10 ft. Snowman
- Tube Dancer™

Dancing Palm Tree Inflatable Balloon  Dancing Palm Tree Balloon Inflatable
14 ft. Palm Tree - Tube Dancer™

10ft Toy Soldier with Logos - Tube Dancer™

Giant Crawfish

Dancing Dragons

Giant Flower

Dancing Ghost

Giant Santa

Digital Printed Ice Cream

Giant Pumplin

Giant PalmTree

dancerusedcarwaving.jpg (63464 bytes)
10 ft. Used Car
 Tube Dancer
™ with changeable shirt

Crazy Tubes - Hoopla Dancing Inflatable
Crazy Tubes

10 ft. Fabric Tubes

Dancing Ghost Inflatable Balloon
12 foot Ghost 
Tube Dancer

Dancing Elephant Inflatable Balloon
9 foot Elephant
Tube Dancer

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dancer cell phone mobile music.jpg (46929 bytes)
10 ft. Cell Phone
 Tube Dancer
with logos

dancer cell phone hafatel.jpg (51925 bytes)
10 ft. Cell Phone
 Tube Dancer
with logos

dancercellphonepurple.jpg (65734 bytes)
10 ft. Cell Phone
 Tube Dancer
with logos

Dancing Cellular Phone Inflatable Balloon
10 ft. Cell Phone
 Tube Dancer

dancer-pigdude.jpg (17162 bytes) dancer-elpolloloco.jpg (31004 bytes) dancerminisubwaycup1.jpg (58044 bytes) dancer-scuba-8-25-03.JPG (46082 bytes)  
dancer-tubedude-tux-7-24-03.jpg (29227 bytes)
dancer-car-carwash-8-25-03.JPG (45242 bytes) dancer-cingular-dude-8-25-03.JPG (42088 bytes) dancer-sun-summer.jpg (40304 bytes)  
dancerghostpumpkin.jpg (29496 bytes)
danceronelegfranky.jpg (72490 bytes) dancingspider.jpg (36604 bytes)
dancer-frog-123003.jpg (50102 bytes)
dancer-redtag-123003.jpg (16700 bytes) dancer-frog-102303.jpg (80451 bytes) dancer-santa-wave-102203.jpg (39978 bytes)  
dancerwitchdude.jpg (17197 bytes)
  dancerunclesamwaving.jpg (59913 bytes) dancerfrog8ftgreenyellow.jpg (62560 bytes) dancerghoststanding.jpg (34776 bytes)  
dancerlighthouse.jpg (22376 bytes)
dancerwizardnew.jpg (22070 bytes)  dancerclassiccarwash1.jpg (28455 bytes)


Air Vortex dancing balloon fan for skydancer, air puppet and fly guy brand dancing inflatables
Fan Only Price $395.00
Fan for Skydancers, Fly Guys, Air Dancers and other brands of Dancing Inflatables    Fan for Skydancers, Fly Guys, Air Dancers and other brands of Dancing Balloons    Fan for Skydancers, Fly Guys, Air Dancers and other brands of Dancing Balloons

Feel free to call us with any questions 800-564-2234   949-586-8470 intl.