EXCITING - Tube Dudes


If you want to get attention these Tube Dancers™ are the way to do it. 
The high output Air Vortex™ fan rushes air up through the dancing
balloon and gives the dancing balloons motion. Dancing inflatables are available
in many different designs or give us an idea and we will make you a custom design.

Many Designs Use Patented Technology #6186857
18 Foot One Leg Tube Dancers
Made from Industrial Coated Nylon Material
($790.00 to $2185.00 with AirVortex™ fan & artwork - complete pricing below)
CLICK HERE - To see movie of Tube Dude™

$790.00 examples
dancerwtent.jpg (14404 bytes) dancertubedudeyellowred.jpg (58073 bytes) dancer15ftorange.jpg (76910 bytes) dancer15ftblue.jpg (70629 bytes) dancer15ftonelegsblue-white.jpg (75943 bytes) dancer15ftgreenredyellow.jpg (32720 bytes) dancer15ftyellow.jpg (60037 bytes) dancer15ftonelegyellow.jpg (34573 bytes) dancer15ftonelegredwhiteblue.jpg (48907 bytes)
dancer-tubedude-purple-7-24-03.jpg (25300 bytes) dancertubedudered-blue.jpg (41996 bytes)

$890.00 examples
dancer15ftsalered-wht-bluedude.jpg (65587 bytes) dancer15ftredsaledudes.jpg (57521 bytes) dancer15ftcarwashredblue.jpg (58010 bytes) dancer15ftrednowleasing.jpg (44636 bytes) dancer15ftbluenowleasing.jpg (44465 bytes) dancer15ftpurplegoldmark.jpg (62276 bytes) dancer15ftrednextgeneration.jpg (28476 bytes) dancer15ftrednowleasing.jpg (46469 bytes) dancer15ftspasalebuilding.jpg (40941 bytes) 15footdancernowleasing.jpg (52117 bytes) dancer15ftonelegspasale1.jpg (51101 bytes) dancer15ftonelegluxurylivingred.jpg (58345 bytes) dancer15ftneonnowleasing.jpg (53345 bytes) dancer15fttubedudebluenowleasingwhite1.jpg (46851 bytes) dancer15fttubedudeblueredsale.jpg (57759 bytes) danceronelegredbluesale1.jpg (52441 bytes) dancer15fttubedudeblueredwhitesale.jpg (41801 bytes) dancer15fttubedudeblueredyellowsale.jpg (71319 bytes) dancer15fttubedudenowleasinginuse.jpg (52881 bytes) dancer15fttubedudeyellowtilesale.jpg (31317 bytes) dancer15ftneonnowleasing2.jpg (59213 bytes) dancer15ftonelegredjacksonhewitt.jpg (44950 bytes) dancer15fttubedudetilesale.jpg (48773 bytes) dancer-cashadvance.jpg (38552 bytes) dancer-tubedudeamericancellular.jpg (32938 bytes) dancertubedude-coorslight.jpg (17872 bytes) dancer-tubedude-flames-friendly.jpg (30260 bytes) dancer-tubedude-nowleasing.jpg (23167 bytes) dancer-tubedude-nowleasinggreen-blue.jpg (43381 bytes) dancer-tubedude-seff wash.jpg (34593 bytes)dancer-tubedude-western-8-13-03.jpg (41178 bytes)dancer-tubedude-mayorbob.jpg (30621 bytes)  dancer-red-nowleasing.jpg (30854 bytes) dancer-sprint-123003.jpg (42993 bytes) dancer15ftcigarettegreen.jpg (41949 bytes) dancer15ftcigarettetan.jpg (37929 bytes) dancer15fttubedudecarwashyelblk.jpg (37557 bytes)

$1070.00 to $1245.00 Examples
  dancertinmanscarecrow1.jpg (58915 bytes)   dancertubedudetuxedo.jpg (46113 bytes) dancer15ftonelegflamedude.jpg (37025 bytes) dancercowboy.jpg (43289 bytes) dancertinmanscarecrow.jpg (55851 bytes) dancer15ftsanta.jpg (25854 bytes) dancer-tubedude-flames-friendly.jpg (30260 bytes) danceronelegchef.jpg (35388 bytes) dancer15ftonelegred-flame.jpg (25528 bytes)   dancer15ftonelegusadude.jpg (65472 bytes) dancer20ftonelegjester-flame.jpg (31418 bytes) dancercheftubedude15ft.jpg (27072 bytes) dancer-15ftunclesam.jpg (36236 bytes) 
dancer-tubedude-partyguy.jpg (14033 bytes) dancer-tubedude-partyguy1.jpg (12760 bytes) dancer-tubedude-partyguy2.jpg (16373 bytes) dancer-tubedude-partyguy3.jpg (16412 bytes) dancer-scuba-8-25-03.JPG (46082 bytes) dancer-tubedude-tux-7-24-03.jpg (29227 bytes) dancer-chef-111103.jpg (35932 bytes) dancer-dish-120503.jpg (15796 bytes) dancer-franky-102203.jpg (20721 bytes) aaronsdancer.jpg (22957 bytes) sightsound1.jpg (30757 bytes) sightsound2.jpg (30013 bytes) sightsound3.jpg (34329 bytes) sightsound4.jpg (37350 bytes) 

Our new 24" Maxi Air Vortex fan works with a 25-30ft Tube dude.
See size difference from 18ft size below.
(Both the diameter and height are larger)

dancer25ft maxi tube dude.jpg (33589 bytes) airvortexmaxifan.jpg (47079 bytes)

Type of Dancer Cost of  Air Vortex Fans Cost of Fabric Dancer Package Price
18' One color 
Tube Dude
$395 $395 $790
18' Two color 
Tube Dude
$395 $445 $840
18' Custom designed
Tube Dude
$395 $675 to $850 $1070 to $1245
30' Tube Dude with Maxi Fan $1395 $790 $2185
Artwork can be added to any design for $100.00 to $200.00 depending on complexity

The Tube Dancers
add excitement with the body and arms flying in all directions.  If you want to attract people this is the way to do it.  The single leg models use one Air Vortex Fan and the dual leg models use 2  Air Vortex Fans.  Pricing depends on size, shape and artwork. 

Air Vortex dancing balloon fan for skydancer, air puppet and fly guy brand dancing inflatables
Fan Only Price $395.00
Fan for Skydancers, Fly Guys, Air Dancers and other brands of Dancing Inflatables     Fan for Skydancers, Fly Guys, Air Dancers and other brands of Dancing Balloons    Fan for Skydancers, Fly Guys, Air Dancers and other brands of Dancing Balloons

Feel free to call us with any questions 800-564-2234   949-586-8470 intl.