We are happy to provide you with a free layout of any balloon design you would like.  We can do this in 3 simple steps:

1 - Please send us your contact information in the form below:

Your Name:

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Phone and Fax Numbers:

Area of Interest: (select all that interest you)

Roof or Ground Balloon (Cold Air Balloon)
     Custom Shape Hot Air Shape Other
Flying Helium Balloon 
     Blimp Sphere Custom Hot Air Shape Other
Inflatable Costume
Tube Dancer™
Remote Control Blimp
Inflatable Tent or Pop-up Tent
Custom Banner
Imprinted Latex Balloons

Specify:  design, size, artwork, color or other requirements:

Comments or Questions

 After submitting this form see below to send artwork files.

2 - We will e-mail you back a full-color layout

3 - You let us know if you want any changes.


 How To Send Us Artwork

Send us your art on disk or email it.

Acceptable Software Applications:

• Adobe Illustrator Version 7 preferred but we have versions 8 & 9
• Corel Draw (files saved as .cdr) Version 8-10
• PDF files 
• EPS files
• Any Graphic file (.jpg, .gif, .tif, etc...)
Storage Formats:

• E-mail To: art@giantad.com
PC formatted (preferred) or Macintosh 3.5" disk
• Iomega 100mb Zip Disk
• Compact Disk

Art Reminders:

• Convert all fonts to paths or curves. (Text converted to paths can no longer be edited as text.)  Without this done we may not have the correct font and your work will not be correct. • Include all EPS and Tiff files used in creating your document.
• Do not email files larger than 6 meg. Large files should be compressed by using WinZip (Mac users can use Stuffit) or saved to a zip disk than mailed or shipped to us.

If possible, send proofs of color separations for multiple color jobs.
Please do not send an original file. Make a copy before sending.

Important facts to know about sending artwork

Because of the many various products we sell, the specific art requirements vary on some items. Over the years we have found that vector (line) art works best for most products.
Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and EPS seem to work well for saving and exporting vector art.

Remember, these are the best ways of sending us artwork. If for some reason you can't get the artwork to us in one of these formats we can work out other options. If you have any questions at all about art requirements just call or email us. We are very interested in your business and will try to be as helpful as possible.


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