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Gorilla - Duck.jpg (169987 bytes) goalrillashop.jpg (30975 bytes)
Balloon was made 
from this logo
gorillaholdingtireup.jpg (17378 bytes)gorillaholdingtireup1.jpg (48601 bytes)
16 foot Gorilla with Rubber Ducky on waist
15 foot Rubber Duck on Spa
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16 foot Goalrilla to match company logo
Designed to stand next to portable 
basketball backboard system
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40 foot Gorilla Holding Tire in Hand
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"You guys really captured the essence of our logo with great realism.  Thanks!" Marketing Manager - Escalade Sports

This 20ft tall Monkey holding a Banana
is designed to sit on the edge of a building.
Click on first photo to see layout and final product.


kongjapan.JPG (8908 bytes)

We flew to Japan to set this balloon up for a boat race.  
The gorilla has a boat in one hand while climbing up side of building.

25 foot Sitting Gorilla
gorillasitting1.jpg (37561 bytes)
  gorilla-sitting-blue25-110603.jpg (35198 bytes)
This Balloon is perfect when you have a difficult location for installation since this balloon will stand on its own and only requires to be weighted down so it doesn't blow over in winds

Happy Gorilla's
gorillapink-blackmagillas.jpg (44329 bytes)
  gorillapink-blackmagillas2.jpg (49983 bytes) gorilla-1Hipp .jpg (47948 bytes)
Male & Female 25 feet tall
  gorillahappyblue16ft.jpg (40869 bytes)
Happy Gorilla Blue 16 feet tall

 BIG APE Gorilla 
 These Big Apes are our new standing gorilla design 
 They have been redesigned to have more personality, 
 more muscles, realistic features including feet and 
 realistic fingers.   They hold a banner between the hands and another on the chest so you have lots of room to advertise your event.  Don't forget the sunglasses and shorts for summer!!! 

gorillahailproinuse.jpg (32065 bytes)
25 foot - In Use for Auto Hail Damage Repair

gorillanewblue25shortslow.jpg (34901 bytes) gorilla_new_25_purple1.jpg (9500 bytes) gorilla new purple with duck low.jpg (38097 bytes) gorillanewblue16shortslow1.jpg (36105 bytes)
25 foot Blue
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25 foot Grape Ape
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25 foot Purple
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16 foot for small business
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gorilla_kia_low.jpg (42637 bytes) gorillanew16ftredwbanners.jpg (38405 bytes)
6 Foot Cellular Phone in Hand

32 Foot With Banners

16 foot with Rubber Duck around waist

16 foot Red Gorilla

gorillanew16ftwcellularphone.jpg (33201 bytes) gorillanew25ftpurpleshorts.jpg (35277 bytes) gorilla8ftnew1.jpg (38836 bytes)

16 foot with holding cellular phone

25 foot purple with shorts

8 feet tall for tradeshow


gorilla new purple11ft.jpg (27540 bytes) newgorilla16red-purple.jpg (53401 bytes) newgorilla32blue.jpg (18833 bytes) gorilla_blue_cash_4_car.jpg (23172 bytes)
11 foot ready for tradeshow shown here holding blimp for display
16 foot purple and red for small businesses
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32 foot for large business
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16 foot for small business
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gorilla11ft.jpg (48380 bytes) gorilla25ftbluew-redcar.jpg (50487 bytes) gorillawithcar17ft4inches.jpg (57335 bytes)
11 foot with arm and chest banners
25 foot with red car in hands
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25ft tall with car in hands
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17 foot with yellow car in hands
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gorillanew11ftblack.jpg (45033 bytes) gorillanew11ftblue.jpg (30475 bytes) gorillanew11ftpurple.jpg (49853 bytes) gorillanew12ftblacksunshorts.jpg (52094 bytes)
11ft Gorillas
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gorilla32bluewithredcarhail.jpg (32695 bytes) gorilla-32ft-black-shirt.jpg (44441 bytes) Gorillainusemonstersale.jpg (30522 bytes) gorilla-orange-car-shorts.jpg (26973 bytes) gorilla32ft-redcar-7-24-03.jpg (36141 bytes) gorilla32-purple-truck-8-13-03.jpg (47384 bytes) gorilla-red-25-car-110603.jpg (38274 bytes) gorilla-red-25-house-110603.jpg (40398 bytes) gorilla-red-25-taco-110603.jpg (40378 bytes) gorilla-red-25-tire-110603.jpg (39964 bytes) gorilla-yellow-car1-120503.jpg (50079 bytes) gorilla-yellow-car-120503.jpg (33468 bytes) gorilla-blue-yellowcar-122903.jpg (40966 bytes) gorilla-green-yelcar-123003.jpg (64222 bytes) gorilla-johnnykia.jpg (46007 bytes)

25ft tall with DVD in hands
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25 foot on roof of car dealership
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 These giant Kong balloons are the Kings.  They are guaranteed attention getters and our best selling balloons.  With 2 banner areas (one between hands & one across chest).  The cost includes shipping and includes custom balloon, inflation fan, tie-down straps, extension cord, custom painted banners, carrying bag, and instructions. Just plug into electrical outlet.  Custom colors available, even add sunglasses and a polka dot shorts for a small additional charge.  Or add additional inflatable in arms (see Cars, Cell Phones and DVD above) to really attract attention!