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Above & Beyond Advertising Balloons specializes in producing your product into a giant inflatable balloon. Our shop is located between Los Angeles and San Diego, California, USA. We have been manufacturing balloons since 1991 and use only the finest quality fabrics, fans and sewing equipment. We want to give you a quote on your own custom balloon. No project is too small or too big. We specialize in quick delivery times so that you can fly your balloon at your next event. Some custom balloons are kept in stock and can be shipped same day. Most custom inflatable orders are shipped in 3-6 weeks!

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bluelightlow.jpg (52955 bytes)

sharkheliumlogo2.jpg (37790 bytes) parade-yahoo1-110503.jpg (79735 bytes) parade-yahoo-110503.jpg (69907 bytes) 

 20 foot bottle and 20 foot can for TV commercial 
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24 foot Tiger Shark for use in parade and for events 
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24ft long Tube Sign
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palmtreeconcert.jpg (33693 bytes)

metrolinktrain1.jpg (57037 bytes)

peanut.jpg (46632 bytes)

15 foot Inflatable Palm Tree 

28 foot Train to fly above train station openings and other events 

10 foot Peanut for Tradeshow Booth 


cessnafront.jpg (53238 bytes)

22 foot Cessna Airplane 


heliumelephant1.jpg (46876 bytes)

heliumwatermelon1.jpg (47457 bytes)heliumwatermelon.jpg (48693 bytes)

18ft Elephant 

11 ft Watermelon 

blizzard1.jpg (48460 bytes)

berry1.jpg (49555 bytes)berry2.jpg (38909 bytes)

11ft Blizzard Cup - Served Upsidedown 

10ft Raspberry and Blueberry 


flyingsaucer.jpg (48974 bytes)Saucerphoto72dpi.jpg (61601 bytes)

30 foot Flying Saucer

heliumdiablo.jpg (37788 bytes) heliumhardrocktoolvan.jpg (37593 bytes)
12ft Diablo Logo 10ft Custom Van
heliumpotato.jpg (29001 bytes) heliumstar.jpg (38321 bytes) strawberry10ft.jpg (31987 bytes)
12ft Potato 10ft Custom Star 10ft Custom Logo
heliumufosilverwhite1.jpg (34015 bytes) lightbulbinnovation.jpg (37685 bytes)
20ft Helium UFO 10ft Lightbulb

stopwatch.jpg (14986 bytes)

lightbulb_idea.jpg (18456 bytes)   lightbulbyellow.jpg (17560 bytes)

12 foot Stopwatch 

12 foot Light bulbs used for parades


football 8ft.jpg (41277 bytes)

10 foot Inflatable Football 
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eircom.jpg (24004 bytes)

13 foot Inflatable Phone Handset 


Catalina Cylinders.jpg (275565 bytes)

satellite high.jpg (261556 bytes)

 12 foot Scuba Tank for tradeshow booth 
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 8 foot Satellite to hang in tradeshow booth 
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customapple.jpg (10636 bytes)   santahead.jpg (13495 bytes)

 13 foot Coke Can 
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10 foot Helium Apple & 12 foot Santa


helium-rockashaw.jpg (37875 bytes)

Image007.jpg (34039 bytes)

12ft Logo Replica

14 foot Flying Sign 
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bee.jpg (8160 bytes)

bird3.jpg (49721 bytes)

40 foot Bee for Parade
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30 foot Penguin for Parade 
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3hdragon.jpg (67706 bytes)

car3.jpg (95628 bytes)

30 foot 3 Head Dragon
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14 foot Flying Car 
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car4.jpg (57345 bytes)

car5.jpg (30535 bytes)

30 foot flying Race Car
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22 foot Flying Car 
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cart.jpg (15575 bytes)

dice.jpg (34305 bytes)

18 foot Golf Cart
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10 foot Dice 
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camel.jpg (45233 bytes)

elephanthead.jpg (26682 bytes)

18 Foot tall Camel
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10 Foot Elephant Head 
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dolphin2.jpg (8383 bytes)

dolphin.jpg (46718 bytes)

18 foot Dolphin
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22 foot Dolphin 
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fish.jpg (18896 bytes)

frog.jpg (18281 bytes)

15 foot Fish
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14 foot Tall Frog 
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gryrabbit.jpg (90315 bytes)

heart.jpg (46833 bytes)

32 foot Bunny for Parade
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10 foot Heart Shape 
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motcyc.jpg (54842 bytes)

plane.jpg (79484 bytes)

28 foot Motorcycle
 Click photo for larger image 

20 foot Airplane 
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lionhead.jpg (33404 bytes)

pandahead.jpg (28218 bytes)

10 foot Lion Balloon
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10 foot Panda Balloon 
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soccer2.jpg (16091 bytes)

skijet.jpg (15015 bytes)

14 foot Soccer Ball
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22 Foot Jet Ski 
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duracell.jpg (48434 bytes)

sprite.jpg (26453 bytes)

15 foot Battery Duracell
 Click photo for larger image 

13 foot Flying Can 
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heliumpurpleoctipus.jpg (45408 bytes)

icecream.jpg (62871 bytes)

12 foot tall 
Cartoon Octopus

20 Foot Ice Cream Cone 
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15ft Flying UFO for Raeliens

12ft Radio Disney Logo 22ft Tube Sign
Company makes Tube Benders


      HippoParade.jpg (57631 bytes) heliumhippo1.jpg (60530 bytes) heliumhippo2.jpg (61905 bytes) heliumchinalight.jpg (39520 bytes) heliumbutterfly.jpg (46965 bytes) heliumfootball.jpg (48848 bytes) heliumcube12ft-tribeca.jpg (40725 bytes) heliumcube12ft-tribeca1.jpg (36741 bytes) heliumsaturn.jpg (37765 bytes) heliumsun.jpg (45954 bytes) helium-flyingpig.jpg (87375 bytes) helium-flyingpig-back.jpg (63203 bytes) heliumhamburger.jpg (50305 bytes) helium-plane-ege.jpg (37668 bytes) sun.jpg (14045 bytes) heliumjet-flyeagle1.jpg (42070 bytes) heliumjet-flyeagle2.jpg (45494 bytes)  20ftheliumduke.jpg (50745 bytes) 20ftheliumduke1.jpg (50005 bytes) helium-plane-airforce.jpg (67499 bytes) helium-trade-tube-12.jpg (43205 bytes) 

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