Custom Shape Balloons
Trade Show Advertising Balloons

We have many different ideas to use to attract attention to your tradeshow booth.  How do you stand out from the crowd at a tradeshow?  You need to be different!  

If you are a global company what about a 7ft to 10ft globe spinning above your booth with your logo on it.  We can make large product replicas of your newest designs.  You'll see many examples below and we can probably make any design you can come up with.  Feel free to e-mail us your idea and our artist will do a free layout of the design

Helium Flying Balloons

tradeshowbooth3e1.jpg (66152 bytes) tradeshowbooth3e2.jpg (76172 bytes) 7ftglobe-worldministries.jpg (62028 bytes) ball-7ft-alton.jpg (93634 bytes) 5ftmammothele.jpg (60506 bytes) ball-10ft-bbqsgalore1.jpg (72872 bytes) doughboy1.jpg (45821 bytes)
Helium Round Balls for Tradeshows
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8ft suntek.jpg (33561 bytes) 8ftprisco.jpg (49862 bytes) 8ft has reinke.jpg (47994 bytes) 8ftpropguard1.jpg (50105 bytes)

Helium Hot Air Shapes for Tradeshows
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Helium blimps for Tradeshows
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peanut.jpg (46632 bytes) todayvision2.jpg (42311 bytes) tradeshowqmatic1.jpg (61763 bytes) heliumpyramidmm1.jpg (48145 bytes) heliumormandy.jpg (51672 bytes) heliumhardrocktoolvan.jpg (37593 bytes) heliumhtccarsigns.jpg (53239 bytes) eircom.jpg (24004 bytes) satellite high.jpg (261556 bytes) Catalina Cylinders.jpg (275565 bytes) gamecraft.jpg (93494 bytes) Image007.jpg (34039 bytes) bus uta2.jpg (46656 bytes) heliumfootball.jpg (48848 bytes) helium-plane-ege.jpg (37668 bytes) helium-trade-tube-12.jpg (43205 bytes)

Custom Shaped designs for tradeshows.  Let us know your design and we will be happy to get you a free layout of the design along with a quote.
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Product Replicas

promolux1.jpg (12269 bytes) wrongislandtrain.jpg (45607 bytes)
20 foot Rum Barrel
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12 foot Florescent Light Bulb with internal lighting
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18 foot Train
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dairyqueen.jpg (11835 bytes) asahi bottle.jpg (44332 bytes)sublime.jpg (123073 bytes) compaq-ipaq.jpg (37057 bytes)
15 foot Ice Cream Cone
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12 foot Beer Bottle & Clear Bottle
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10 foot Pocket PC
Digitally Printed Artwork
Click to see larger

"The Mantis replica balloon was great at our event.  Sales are up and we would recommend your services to other companies that need visibility at events."  Mantis Paintball Co. - Michigan  

zippy.jpg (51471 bytes) cingulargroup.jpg (141228 bytes)

9 foot Light Bulb Characters
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Volume Production
8 & 15 foot Cingular "Jack" balloons
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sam goody photo.jpg (27245 bytes) goalrillashop.jpg (30975 bytes)
Balloon was made 
from this logo

15 foot tall Exclamation Point
with clear material between
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16 foot Goalrilla to match company logo
Designed to stand next to portable 
basketball backboard system
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"You guys really captured the essence of our logo with great realism.  Thanks!" Marketing Manager - Escalade Sports



bigfoot_photo1.jpg (33743 bytes)

bigfootgroup1.jpg (51230 bytes)

10 foot tall Big Foot
holding tire & wheel

Click Here to enlarge

Volume Production
10 & 20 foot Big Foot  balloons
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"The Bigfoot balloons are great.  We had another company make one for us originally but were not satisfied.  Your realism and fast delivery is unmatched.  We are now offering them to all our dealers!"  Marketing Director - Big O Tires

skydivertilt.jpg (61322 bytes)

edwinaphoto.jpg (50463 bytes)

outhouse.jpg (30356 bytes)

10 foot tall Skydiver on software box
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10 foot tall Character on base
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10 foot tall backdrop with three dimensional bear
Backside painted with logo also

7 foot tall Outhouses
Digitally Painted Artwork

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outhouse.jpg (30356 bytes)

johnnypotato.jpg (58231 bytes) hillsbros.jpg (54389 bytes) gupphoto.jpg (16211 bytes)

7 foot tall Outhouses
Digitally Painted Artwork

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8 foot tall Potato Man  Two sided
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10 foot Coffee Can
Digital Painted Artwork

Click photo for larger image
8 foot Energy Drink Can
Digitally Painted Artwork

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8ft Sunflower
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8ft tall Energy Drink Bottle
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Tradeshow Booths and Arches

brushweiser.jpg (26331 bytes)
10 Foot Tradeshow Booth

12 foot Verizon Wireless Arch

12ft tall Kiosk


tradeshowbooth-black.jpg (252066 bytes) tradeshowbooth-pristineblue.JPG (52032 bytes) cashmachine-cashplus.jpg (163471 bytes)
10ft wide Tradeshow Backdrop

10ft Tradeshow Booth

Cash Machine


aarons.jpg (50115 bytes)
15ft tall Archway

15ft tall Archway

22ft tall Archway


Hanging Signs

venus-8-19-03.jpg (41479 bytes) baseballcap.jpg (34149 bytes)

coffeecups radvision.jpg (47081 bytes)

directtvwithlogo.jpg (47833 bytes)

Hanging Venus de Milo replica
(do you recognize the face?)
16 foot  baseball cap for hanging above tradeshow booth
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Inflatable Coffee cups to hang above tradeshow booth
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TV Satellite Dish
Used for tradeshows

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THE ULTIMATE IN BALLOON ADVERTISING! We specialize in producing your product into a giant inflatable balloon. We have been offering balloons since 1991 and offer only the finest quality fabrics, fans and sewing equipment. We want to give you a quote on your own custom balloon. No project is too small or too big. We specialize in quick delivery times so that you can fly your balloon at your next event. Some custom balloons are kept in stock and can be shipped same day. Most custom inflatable orders are shipped in 3-6 weeks!