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Inflatable Costumes

Some designs are copyrighted and only available to copyright owner.
Photos on our website are not an offer for sale.

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Santa, Frankie & Mummy -  Special  $1995.00

We can make just about any design

From Layout To Completed Costume

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Any Design with artwork for $2295.00

Price Includes:
- Custom Made Inflatable Costume
- Heavy Duty Rubber Soled Shoe Bottoms
- Screen Mesh Viewing Window
- Internal Battery Powered Inflation Fan with Waist Belt
- Two 12 volt High Powered Batteries (one to use while other charges)
- Rapid Charger
- Storage Case
- Instructions

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Attach your feet  to the velcro straps inside the rubber 
soled shoes and you just step in, turn on the switch and 
zip up the zipper.  With the fan & battery fastened to your 
backpack the balloon just inflates around you.  This is very
comfortable and keeps you cooler with the fresh air
constantly being forced in by the fan.  A cool vest option
can be used for very hot climates. 
You have a clear view out the front mesh window.

Fur/Foam Costumes
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 costume-stuffed-pepito2.jpg (57173 bytes)  costumestuffedarmadillo.jpg (31007 bytes) costume-stuffed-pepito1.jpg (44749 bytes) furcostumefig.jpg (24654 bytes) furheads.jpg (24617 bytes)
The Fur/Foam Costumes are great for everyday use and can be made in any shape or size.  These have molded lightweight fiberglass heads and custom sewn bodies.  Cost based on complexity, send us your design or idea and we will make it come to life. 


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