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Other Characters

happyfaceguy.jpg (22555 bytes) sun balloon1.jpg (25732 bytes) zippy.jpg (51471 bytes)
15 foot Happy Face with banner area on front
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25ft Sun Character
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9 foot Light Bulb Characters
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sudsywash1.jpg (46499 bytes) sudsywash2.jpg (48219 bytes)
10 Foot Car in Bathtub


From this CD cover to this 40 foot balloon
(been on tour all over the world)
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"The Korn balloon turned out awesome!  It is now a permanent fixture on the Korn World Tour."  Road Manager for Korn Music Group

  phonemanz.JPG (6536 bytes)   custompumpkin.jpg (5829 bytes)  pumpkincoldair.jpg (111223 bytes)
Cell Phone Man / Pumpkin Cold-Air /  Pumpkin Cold-Air

sunflower.jpg (39822 bytes)   


Inflatable Costumes can be made as characters, 
product replicas or other shapes.
These battery powered costumes attract a ton of attention
 and are easy to use.  With the fan blowing it keeps you 
cool inside.  Call today for a quote.

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