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Gorillas - CLICK HERE

rats.jpg (46521 bytes)  ratsmall.jpg (48774 bytes)     ratorangevest.jpg (34547 bytes)rat-moneybags-111103.jpg (75671 bytes) rat-tux-102303.jpg (30293 bytes) rat-whiskers-103003.jpg (61139 bytes)  
10 to 20 foot Construction Rat Balloons
These inflatable rat balloon designs are used by Labor Unions when on strike to protest non-union sites.  From design to final product we make it easy.

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pokemon-blue-103003.jpg (47621 bytes) pokemon-orange-103003.jpg (41843 bytes) pokemon-pikachu-103003.jpg (49046 bytes) pokemon-treeko-103003.jpg (49674 bytes) 
Pokeman Characters for nationwide tour


 lizard1.jpg (29292 bytes)

duck-scruffy-8-4-03.jpg (37730 bytes) flamingo7-24-03.jpg (39902 bytes)

10ft Lizard on Rock
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10 ft Duck
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8 foot Flamingo
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 bullhead-9-3-03.jpg (41756 bytes)

spidercrazy.jpg (49034 bytes) eagle-gutter.jpg (87545 bytes)

25ft Bull Head
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8ft Crazy Spider
Two sided
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25ft Eagle with 10ft Gorilla
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crabonrock.jpg (34935 bytes)

dinostorage1.jpg (51205 bytes) dinostorage2.jpg (39566 bytes)

10ft Crab on rock
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25ft Dog replica
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siriusdogs1.jpg (34527 bytes) siriusdogs2.jpg (35284 bytes)  
15ft Dog Logo on base

dodgeramhead.jpg (23405 bytes) 

dog-barron.JPG (50413 bytes) mantis.jpg (38391 bytes)

15 foot Dodge Ram Head
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15 ft Dog
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15 foot tall Praying Mantis logo balloon
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"The Mantis replica balloon was great at our event.  Sales are up and we would recommend your services to other companies that need visibility at events."  Mantis Paintball Co. - Michigan  

bigfoot_photo1.jpg (33743 bytes)

bigfootgroup1.jpg (51230 bytes) eagle-american-120503.jpg (20345 bytes)

10 foot tall Big Foot
holding tire & wheel

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Volume Production
10 & 20 foot Big Foot  balloons
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20 ft Eagle
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"The Bigfoot balloons are great.  We had another company make one for us originally but were not satisfied.  Your realism and fast delivery is unmatched.  We are now offering them to all our dealers!"  Marketing Director - Big O Tires

armadillo_photo.jpg (16304 bytes)

ridetheduck1.jpg (65993 bytes)

25 foot tall Armadillo
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20ft Horse on Base designed
from only this logo
25 foot tall Custom Duck

"The Armadillo is tough.  We used it to sponsor a car race and one of the cars skidded off the track and into the balloon.  At first we thought it was ruined but to our surprise we had it re-inflated in a short time.  Looking forward to using him at many more events!"  Texas Roadhouse - Texas

turkey10ft.jpg (67003 bytes)
10ft Turkey 20ft School Mascot 30ft Cockroach



From this handheld sculpture to this
20 foot Elephant Balloon -
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quickquackduck2.jpg (39209 bytes) parrotnologo.jpg (63515 bytes) johnnypotato.jpg (58231 bytes)
15 foot Duck
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15ft Parrot 8 foot tall Potato Man  Two sided
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chickencasino.jpg (78788 bytes) goldnplump15foot.jpg (50585 bytes) roosterred.jpg (44592 bytes)

15 foot tall Chickens/Rooster
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frankychickensmall.jpg (57216 bytes)


8 ft Chicken
10 ft Franky

15ft Cow with banner area


quickquack.jpg (40701 bytes) ducky.jpg (26677 bytes)
25 foot Deer Head for Hunting Show
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15 foot Duck with Sunglasses
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12ft Ducky

10 foot tall backdrop with three dimensional bear
Backside painted with logo also


15ft Reindeer with bell around neck


wildcat1-111303.jpg (44258 bytes) wildcat-111303.jpg (56088 bytes)
10ft Dolphin Logo
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25ft Wildcat holds banner
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8ft Duck on Spa
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tiger-102203.jpg (43209 bytes) Cow-1.jpg (26109 bytes) trex1.jpg (55636 bytes) trex2.jpg (49865 bytes) 
15ft Tiger with football
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20ft tall Cow
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15ft T-Rex
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frog.jpg (18281 bytes) heliumpurpleoctipus.jpg (45408 bytes) 
22ft Flying Ant
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20ft Flying Frog
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14ft Flying Octopus
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camel.jpg (45233 bytes)

heliumelephant1.jpg (46876 bytes)

fish.jpg (18896 bytes)

18 Foot tall Camel
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18ft Elephant 
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15 foot Fish
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dolphin2.jpg (8383 bytes)

sharkheliumlogo2.jpg (37790 bytes)

dolphin.jpg (46718 bytes)

18 foot Dolphin
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24 foot Tiger Shark for use in parade and for events 
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22 foot Dolphin 
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costumebutterfly.jpg (54788 bytes) gorillacostume2.jpg (55171 bytes) costumetiger.jpg (42486 bytes)
 Inflatable Costumes - CLICK HERE for info 

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