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cheerleader.jpg (32933 bytes) fitnessguy.jpg (47416 bytes) venus-8-19-03.jpg (41479 bytes) rockstarphoto1.jpg (39489 bytes)
15 foot Cheerleader
For sports radio station
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14ft Fitness Guy
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12ft Venus de Milo replica
(who's face is on it?)

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25 foot Rock n Roll Star
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"Our new inflatable cheerleader is great!  She attracts more attention then we ever expected.  We will be using her at all the radio remotes we do"  The Zone Sports Radio - Texas

frankyshowphoto.jpg (30074 bytes) radioman1.jpg (24787 bytes) hulagirl1.jpg (39975 bytes)
15 foot Frankenstein can hold banner in arms
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15ft boy with Radio Body 20ft Hula Girl
with Surfboard


fireman.jpg (39645 bytes) fireman-120503.jpg (41013 bytes)   mummy-frankie.jpg (51765 bytes)
25ft Firemen
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20ft Fat Albert
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20 ft Franky & Mummy
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clown8ft1.jpg (52132 bytes) clown_new1.jpg (18436 bytes)

8 foot Two sided clown
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25 foot Happy Clown can hold banner between arms
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skydivertilt.jpg (61322 bytes)

superman balloon1.jpg (100838 bytes) edwinaphoto.jpg (50463 bytes)

10 foot tall Skydiver on software box
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25 foot tall Globe with Superguy Flying out of top
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10 foot tall Character on base
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tonylamababy.jpg (34482 bytes) Dent_Wiz_Photo.jpg (26727 bytes) Dent_Wizard_15_shop.jpg (18234 bytes)
Babies in Boots
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 20 & 15 foot Wizard Balloons
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bobblehead1.jpg (53508 bytes)
Bobble Head replicas for NASCAR Speedways
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spaceman1.jpg (56524 bytes) spaceman2.jpg (63930 bytes) strataman-110303.jpg (52221 bytes)
25ft Astronaut
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20ft Scuba Diver Can hold banner
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 20ft Flying Superhero to fly
above tradeshow booth
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15ft Toy Soldiers
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 Franky & Mummy 25ft
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feethurt-103003.jpg (58556 bytes)
15ft Devil Logo
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12ft Foot Logo
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25ft Statue of Liberty
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From the picture on left we made these 25ft tall Characters
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mermaid.jpg (15565 bytes) ballantines1.jpg (62961 bytes) ballantines2.jpg (72076 bytes)

20 foot tall Mermaid 
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20 ft Custom Character


   unclesamnew25ft.jpg (33437 bytes)   
 10-25 foot Uncle Sams with banner area on chest 

 santa-sitting-123003.jpg (42519 bytes)

heliumsantahead.jpg (65721 bytes) 20ftheliumduke1.jpg (50005 bytes)
Helium Custom Shapes - CLICK HERE for info 


9-10-2002_014.jpg (32746 bytes) costumejimmyosmond.jpg (32777 bytes) sportclips1.jpg (55584 bytes) costumespaceman2.jpg (35829 bytes) costume-stuffed-pepito1.jpg (44749 bytes) costume-stuffed-pepito2.jpg (57173 bytes)
 Inflatable & Fur Costumes - CLICK HERE for info 

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